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Cybersecurity has an effectiveness problem

Over £100 billion is spent on cybersecurity annually, yet 700 million ransomware attacks still occur. To us, that says that the current way of doing cybersecurity is just ineffective.


That's why Simoda has partnered with Arctic Wolf to fix it by stripping out complexity in your environments and delivering truly effective cybersecurity using your existing tools.

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A solution to end cyber risk

The Arctic Wolf solutions are so good that they will put an end to your cyber risks. Our Concierge Security Team, aligned to the Arctic Wolf Platform means you have 24x7 monitored environments that are true Security Operations, not just an endless collection of security tools.

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Defending you 24/7

Arctic Wolf strips out the complexity in your environments, building meaningful Security Operations out of your existing security tools and defending you at all times

Detect attacks in 5 mins

Our partnership with Arctic Wolf effectively grows your team by 8-9 FTEs instantly. It makes optimal use of your cybersecurity budget, providing 24x7 coverage without having to build out your own security team.

Detection & Response

Shift to a proactive stance and get 60% less

security alerting noise. The Arctic Wolf Platform collects data on over 300 billion events daily, alerting you only to the ones relevant to your environments.

satisfaction, not complexity in cyber security

Seek satisfaction, not complexity in your cyber security

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We are proud of our partnership with Arctic Wolf & believe their innovate platform and concierge delivery model enable us to provide better protection in a way that is uniquely fast and cost effective.

Interested in how we can help with your cyber security and want to know more?


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