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A funny way to highlight the risks of ransomware

As digital marketing executive I watch a lot of videos on products and technologies most of which are boring, uninteresting & in general dull, however I do look forward to watching Wasabi videos, especially the ones that feature Nate their dramatic IT director.

Ransomware is a huge challenge for businesses and it is a must to protect your businesses in every way you can. One of the ways is through data immutability, our partner Wasabi have created a video in the 'Nate' series and honestly not only is it funny but does make a lot of sense.

The ransomware stats

You can see the other Nate videos in a blog post I did in March last year


Modern data solutions strategy

Simoda are a Wasabi partner and their technology forms part of our data solutions strategy more of which can be found here https://www.simoda.co.uk/data-solutions

If you would like to discuss what Wasabi and Simoda can do for your business and make sure you don't have a Brenda moment then get in touch with our solutions specialists today.

0114 553 3600

You can contact our Technology Solutions Director via email to arrange a call


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