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Happy birthday Simoda

This time last year we were just about to complete our 2nd year in business and had spent months planning the year ahead as we knew it would be pivotal in the development of our fantastic business.

Well roll on a year and here we are, what can I say but a it has been a fantastic journey so far, it has not been easy and must admit I for one have had a few sleepless nights this year but to see where we are right now against the plan is amazing and I credit every one of our amazing team.

What have we done this year ?

Technology 1st strategy

We started by launching the Technology 1st strategy, 'what is that I hear you cry'

Unlike our competitors we don’t have a traditional sales approach, we have a team of experienced and skilled technology experts (commercial, solutions & technical) who work together to help our customers.

Because of this we don’t operate a traditional sales structure where you would see a salesperson targeted to earn the business profit from sales to customers, instead we provide healthy basic salaries and a companywide profit share scheme.

This ensures our first focus is on finding & delivering the right technology to solve issues, address challenges and achieve business objectives.

Sustainable growth

A huge part of our success is driving sustainable growth, this comes from our technology stack (the offerings we have) every technology product, solution or service we provide can be procured via Capex, consumed via Opex or delivered as a managed service.

Increased marketing activities

During the last 12 months we have increased our marketing activities which included a design and launch of our new website, which has been a huge success. Only yesterday we had a large technology provider compliment us on our 'no-nonsense' approach to communications.

We have also worked closely with our key vendors & partners to execute strategic marketing campaigns that have directly led to a growth in sales, and as a 1st for Simoda we have launched our very own networking event.

Big shout out to our marketing exec Harrison for the work that has gone into bringing together the event. Watch out for the 3 B's (Beer, burgers & Business).

Managed cyber security solutions launch

This year has also seen the successful launch of our very own managed cyber security solutions portfolio.

What is it and why !

As a valued technology partner it is our job to ensure we provide our customers with leading technology products, solutions & services, however when it comes to the modern world of Cyber Security buying products alone is just not enough to ensure you mitigate business risks.

Simoda have a People, Process, Technology approach to cyber protection. With this in mind we have developed our managed cyber security solutions portfolio to help you solve issues, address challenges & achieve objectives associated to your cyber security posture.

We believe that a modern cyber security strategy is modular in form & delivered by leading point solutions with a managed service wrap around. This way means that you not only have a set of leading products but extra sets of eyes to help you advise, deploy, manage & mitigate your cyber security risks.

Our fully managed cyber security solutions are managed in house by specialist engineers, we will configure, install & pro-activity monitor the customers environment to help minimise risks. We also provide strategical direction and training for our customers intern IT teams to help relieve the pressure and allow them to focus on the day to day business.


Of course we don't need an excuse to have a celebration, so in typical Simoda style we had a nice bite to eat with the team and where better to do it than in our local (downstairs) Sardinian restaurant

We will also be having a beer or 2 over the next week so if you see us around Kelham come say hi and we might even buy you one !!!!


I want to say thank you to every one of our team, we have an amazing company and I am so proud to have them on board.

Here's to the next year, if we are as successful and as busy then wow what a ride we are in for.


Proud MD of a fantastic company

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