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Missing our Friday review meetings in the pub

But we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

After weeks of lockdown the UK moves towards normality or what we should say as the new normal.

Before Covid & lockdown every Friday our team would go to the local pub across from our office, The Red Lion on Charles Street, (quick review here, a great little traditional pub run by Gary who is always smartly dressed in his waistcoat a decent selection of beers & fruit based drinks for the ladies) to have a de-brief on the comings and goings of the week, not only was it a great way to review our week but also discuss the barriers to success we have faced.

What has gone well, what could have gone better & what do we need to change / do different.

I miss those days and hopefully they will be back soon.

For now we are meeting regularly via Microsoft Teams and we still have our weekly de-brief although the beer is usually in a can or a bottle rather than a glass.

We are all keeping well and have been working hard to develop Simoda.

Some really fantastic news coming soon so watch this space


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