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Regulate the use of AI ? Seems sensible to me !

Ok so what do I mean ?

I would make the analogy that AI is like nuclear power. Both have huge potential that needs to be embraced and both need limits to ensure they are not misused.

Nuclear power provides cheap, carbon-efficient electricity, and AI has the potential to give us driverless cars, help us sell more products to customers (ask me about Voice AI) and save hundreds of thousands of lives in the healthcare space.

If we regulate nuclear should we regulate AI ? because surely both need regulation?

1 Million Dollars !!!!

Most technology has the potential to be used for good and bad. We don’t want to AI to fall into the hands of Dr Evil and hold the world hostage for $1 million !

AI and nuclear power certainly fall into that category. The risk with AI is that some organisations may leverage it for perfectly sound reasons but end up doing ethically questionable things with it.

As with anything we always advise to start off with something simple.

For example why not use AI to help generate more business for your sales teams ?

You could also use AI to help target the right customer first time.

Interested in a chat about keeping AI out of the hands of Dr Evil or our thoughts on where we feel it can / will help your business ?

Drop me a line

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