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Technology & home working ONS study

We keep a close eye on the Office of National Statistics and found their latest release on the impact of home working fascinating.

Here are some of the key points & a link to the entire article.

Main points

  • Home working opportunities vary significantly between industries, with 10% of employees within the accommodation and food services industry reporting having ever worked from home (in 2019) compared with 53% of those in the information and communication industry.

  • The extent to which an employee can work from home depends on whether a specific physical environment, tools, or proximity to other people are required for the role.

  • Technology can be an enabling power for homeworking, providing employees have the access to, and skills required for, technology.

  • The E-commerce Survey shows that in 2018, less than half of all employees were provided with a portable device for work, except in the information and communication industry where around 60% of employees were provided with a portable device.

  • The Office of Communications (OFCOM) found superfast broadband coverage reached 95% of residential homes in the UK in September 2019.

  • In the accommodation and food services, and retail industries, over 85% of businesses using social media, used it to develop brand image and for marketing purposes.

  • Businesses with 10 or more employees were more likely to employ ICT specialists than smaller businesses.

If you want to read the whole article you can find it here https://hubs.ly/H0rcsRJ0

How are we helping ?

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