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UK & Ireland I.T priorities for 2020

Amid the chaos that the covid-19 pandemic is causing businesses and technology teams still have issues to solve, challenges to address & objectives to achieve.

We take a look at some of the priorities that are still driving change for 2020.

The UK topline spending areas are:

1, Cyber security & risk management

2, Cloud migration or deployment

3, Mobility & end user computing

Cyber security & risk management

Over the last few years this has always been a hot topic, now more than ever leaders are looking at not just mitigating risk but managing risk.

In a recent survey of over 500 business leaders 48% said they are planning further investment in multi-factor authentication & password security technologies, the interesting news here is that of the 500 business leaders around 70% said they were likely to deploy at least one managed service in security during 2020.

Cyber security managed services

We see the whole cyber security managed service space as a real opportunity for Simoda & our partners as we have the perfect group of dedicated cyber specialists partners to address any managed service requirement, we are so confident of that we can help that we have a group of comprehensive cyber security service offerings available for free, all you need to do is engage a conversation with us and let’s see where we can help add real value to you.

Cloud migration & deployment

This is a core value of Simoda, we work with our customers on their journey to the cloud, we have lots of praise from business leaders regarding our approach to the multiple cloud options that are available. Our success comes from the mapping process we use that gives everyone a clear picture as to where they are on the journey and what success looks like.

Mobility & End user computing

When looking at mobility & the end user compute strategy for a business it important to understand how digital transformation can impact the workplace, the whole Covid-19 pandemic has opened up lots of eyes to the productivity gains that a digital remote workforce can deliver, modern applications, communications are critical however just as important is a flexible connectivity strategy to ensure users have the bandwidth they need to conduct business from anywhere.


2020 will always go down as a strange year, but business and industry doesn’t stop and it is still important to know and understand what is important to you and your business to enable future success.

Want to discuss your issues, challenges or objectives ?

Drop me a line and lets chat

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