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12 benefits of outsourcing your cybersecurity operations

More and more UK business leaders are looking to trusted advisors like Simoda to outsource their cyber security protection to help combat the increasing threats and complexity of todays cyber security landscape.

What should you outsource and what should you keep in house ?

When it comes to outsourcing cybersecurity, deciding whether to outsource some, most or all enterprise security tasks requires a high-level examination of your organisation's risk profile, its tolerance for risk, and its current and future capacity to fulfill security requirements.

This means that each organisation is different (no sh#t Sherlock) and they must reach their own conclusions about what it should outsource and keep in-house.

With the help and guidance from the experts obviously !!

If you don't have the time, talent, ability or bandwidth to properly execute the job you should opt for outsourcing cybersecurity.

The sensible option for most UK businesses right now is to take the hybrid approach and have security expertise / resource within your business but outsource senior requirements to partners like us.

What are the benefits of outsourcing cyber security ?

The benefits vary based on each individual scenario and the service level agreements (SLAs) they opt for with the provider. However, organisations typically see the following benefits when using an Simoda and our dedicated cyber security partnerships.

  1. Lower costs. Like most managed service providers, we bring economies of scale and are thus able to provide capabilities at a price lower than what an in-house security team would cost.

  2. Fixed or nearly fixed costs. Coming to Simoda can switch big chunks of the security budget from Capex to Opex, which can afford certain accounting advantages for the business and create predictability in the budgeting process.

  3. 24/7 year-round coverage. Most organisations, particularly those in the small to midsize category, can't afford to build out a round-the-clock security operations centre (SOC).

  4. Reliability and sustainability. Working with our security experts means we can typically handle turnover more easily, whereas an organisation with only an in-house security team can get blindsided when one or two of their key people leave .

  5. Quicker path to maturity. Leaning on the professionals mean that you are part of a mature and capabile structure.

  6. Threat detection and response. Due to the scale of the offerings and maturity of the business advanced threat detection and response is standard.

  7. More experience than a typical in-house team. An external organisation like Alertlogic handles far more alerts and breaches than a typical in-house organisation will, so their level of experience is more advanced and better.

  8. Broader experience. Simoda and our partners work in different verticals and with companies of different sizes, giving us a breadth of experience.

  9. Early warnings on emerging threats. Our cyber partner Alertlogic have arrangements with major software vendors so, as zero days and other threats emerge, they're usually the ones who receive that information right upfront.

  10. Documented compliance with security standards. Cyber insurance providers, business partners and even customers are increasingly looking for proof that an organisation has satisfied certain compliance requirements and has security standards in place. Working with Simoda will ensure you have the right documentation and achieve the required standards.

  11. In-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements. Simply put our partners Alertlogic know regulatory requirements in fine details, because lets face it it is their business.

  12. Access to talent. Cybersecurity specialists such as Alertlogic are more capable in being able to hire cybersecurity talent, and they have partnerships and can reach into colleges and universities.

If you are still with me, you are obviously interested in cyber security.

get in touch today and lets understand your issues, challenges and objectives and find a solution that addresses your needs

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