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2020 ‘The year of getting off the fence’

Hold the front page 2020 has been a crazy year for the world.

The end…….

Ok so not the end but this blog post is a quick review of the year for Simoda so Im not going to linger on about things that have happened in the news because frankly im sure you have all had enough of the same things repeated daily.

So what has 2020 been like for Simoda ?

All in it has been very good, challenging but positive. We have 400% more staff than we did at the start of the year and in September we moved to our new modern 2100sqft office in the trendy Kelham Island area of Sheffield (yes there is a trendy area of Sheffield)

So why is 2020 the year of getting off the fence?

Simply put businesses are open to modern approaches and that is perfect for Simoda because if you didn’t know it stands for Simplify Modernise Accelerate 

Finally, businesses have decided to address the elephant in the room that is remote working. Modern business systems and processes have born total work flexibility, however there are still leaders out there that don’t trust their workers unless they are sat in the office.

2020 has seen these leaders have to adapt to the new normal, I would suggest that these leaders have new best friends called system monitoring applications.

Also, businesses are starting to see the importance of delivering a good customer experience across all channels of communication, this has been driven by home working, we have seen 85% of our customers support home working in the contact centre, the reason for this is to ensure the customer experience is not just as good as before covid but that it delivers a better experience for the customer and importantly the internal staff.

2020 has also seen the rise in the in-out culture of cloud applications, some have gone into the cloud and others have come back out of the cloud, this makes our job really interesting because not every cloud, application, challenge, issue, objective are the same and that’s why we are here after all.

In other news I have seen my team go from challenging for Europe to battling in order to stay in the premier league and it is sad we can’t get to the match to support them. COYRAWW (Come On You Red And White Wizards)

2021 will be the year of surviving to thriving.

Keep an eye out for our 2021 predictions in the next blog.

So goodbye 2020 it has been emotional

Hello 2021 its gonna be mega (please)

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