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A.I in the contact centre doesn’t jeopardise jobs

Over recent months we have seen an increase in the amount of business conversations about the adoption of A.I in workflow, business process & productivity in the contact centre environment.

A.I is here to stay & it is helping keep agents happy

Typically contact centre agents have been scared of A.I as they see it as a replacement for their roles, we have found that this is so far from the case and in fact the adoption of A.I in the contact centre is making the agent role better.

Will adopting A.I help drive staff retention ?

A huge challenge in the contact centre environment is staff burn out and ultimately leading to poor staff retention. Having worked in 2 contact centres before moving into technology I can vouch for how agents feel after a long day of helping customers sort their problems or order their goods .

If the technology which is available today was available then would I feel the same way ? Well I'm not sure but I would have welcomed any technology that would make my job easier, I had the pleasure of working with one of the first automated dialler systems and yes it was a pain but I must admit it did make the job a little easier.

When contact centre was a call centre

Moving onto today and A.I in the contact centre is now becoming a requirement not just a nice to have. A.I in combination with other intelligence and insights are helping agents deliver great customer experiences and assisting agents with:

  • Best actions recommendations (based on machine learning)

  • Real-time and instant access to information

  • Smart notes & wrap-up

  • Escalation assistance

The 3 A's

Delivering a great customer experience is vital to the performance of a brand, one poor experience and you face losing a customer for good, unfortunately that is the world we live in today.

The 3 A's are helping businesses deliver true value

  • Automation

  • Analytics

  • A.I

Talkdesk Agent Assist

One of the best uses of A.I in the contact centre is Agent Assist from leading CX CCaaS cloud vendor Talkdesk. Agent Assist instantly enhances the potential of your customer interactions. You can provide agents with immediate guidance on what to do next when dealing with a sale or service discussion. There’s even the option to improve agent efficiency by automating repetitive tasks like note-taking and recording.

Talkdesk Agent Assist has real-time shortcuts based on stated customer needs, with script adherence monitoring and escalation assistance. What’s more, because the technology is cloud-based, it’s perfect for a hybrid work environment.

Some of the most significant benefits of Talkdesk Agent Assist include:

Reduce agent effort

Save agents time when it comes to finding crucial contextual information and searching for essential facts. The Agent Assist solution can track information and deliver suggestions in seconds, to reduce handle time, expedite the time spent on tasks after the call, and improve agent engagement. The next best action recommendations evolve over time based on the AI’s understanding of your customer’s needs, and their responses to certain agent strategies.

Save time for your supervisors

Agent Assist can reduce time-consuming agent-supervisor interactions, so team leaders have more time to work on complex tasks. Not only does Agent Assist offer advice on what employees can do next in a conversation, but it can help with determining when a next-level escalation is necessary and check for script adherence monitoring too. You can even alert agents with notifications when adherence goes awry

Improve agent proficiency

Designed to improve first contact resolution, mitigate agent errors, and increase customer satisfaction score, Agent Assist allows companies to provide employees with constant real-time guidance. Whether your employees are working remotely or in the office, they’ll always have the technology and information they need to thrive

Smart automations

Reduce the amount of busy work done by your team with automation features, like smart notes for automatically capturing meeting information. Companies can even set up in-app automations related to capturing and storing information and performing follow-up tasks. In-app automations are available within the Talkdesk ecosystem, so teams can do more without having to load up a different tool

Reduce the risk of churn

Agent Assist helps agents to be their best and achieve the highest level of satisfaction of customers, with intelligent suggestions, guidance, and support. The technology can also intelligently identify warning signs in an interaction, and let employees know when it might be the right time to escalate the conversation to a manager or supervisor.

A recent review of Agent Assist said:

'Talkdesk Agent Assist is an excellent tool for companies ready to supplement and enhance their teams for the new age of CX. An intelligent assistant capable of learning from interactions, eliminating repetitive tasks, and guiding employees is an amazing tool for boosting team productivity. When every interaction counts, Talkdesk Agent Assist ensures your people know just what to say'.

'This technology is likely to be particularly valuable for remote and hybrid employees who need extra assistance when a supervisor isn’t available.'

Our partnership with Talkdesk is delivering value across multiple sectors and addressing many different challenges and I would encourage anyone reading this to reach out and let us show you how A.I in the contact centre can deliver true value for your business.

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