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Hold the back page, Number of people remote working has gone up a lot since the outbreak of Covid

Ok that statement is a bit tongue in cheek but the acceptance of a work from anywhere culture has to be a good thing for the technology industry.

What are the key requirements for a work from anywhere business model I hear you cry !!

IT Teams

Must have the underlying network agility, applications & security to enable WFA

Secure network access

Must offer VPN connections on a mass scale & SD-WAN for business critical home offices, with built in security obviously

Corporate communications tools

Must deliver high quality VoIP & video conferencing with global scale

So how are Simoda helping ?

In partnership with Masergy we are helping organisations address the explosion in remote working with offerings that address the network challenges ahead.

Reach out now and lets discuss this now and see how we can help deliver a smooth operation during these uncertain times.

Book a call with Simoda & Masergy now by completing the get in touch form here

or call 0114 553 3600

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