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IT team diversity is getting better but there is still a long way to go

I have been in the technology industry for well over 20 years and during that time I have seen lots of changes in technology but also witnessed lots of changes in the profile of the IT team.

Gone are the days that the IT team are a bunch of long haired ex technical students who love gaming and wearing their Metallica t-shirt they have had since university.

In todays modern technology department we have a mixture of genders, ethnicity & age which is fantastic progress. This give people the hope that if they want a career in technology that nothing should hold them back.

Don't get me wrong we are still a way off true diversity but this is a journey which is taking a positive move in the right direction, and one that I and my team at Simoda are really pleased about.

I wanted to share the IT diversity infographic from Computer Weekly, here are some of the stats.

37% agree that recruiting more women could reduce skill shortage in IT

22% of IT teams are women on average

81% of employees who work at the surveyed enterprises are men with a median age of 50

A diverse technology department will drive successful digital transformation and frankly we are in 2021 so that is exactly where we should be.

Simoda are proud to support diversity in the workplace.

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