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Last months top 15 customer questions

I was talking to another business leader recently and they asked me what are the common questions your team at Simoda get asked ? It certainly got me thinking so I went away and asked the team to collate a list of questions they get asked, the results are very interesting.

Over the next 6 months we are going to collate the number of times we get asked certain questions and then I will share that with everyone via another of my amazing blog posts, which I know you love to read.

In our quest to help business leaders and IT teams solve issues, address challenges & achieve objectives these are the top 15 customer questions we received.

  1. We have been let down and have an obscure / strange requirement can you help ?

  2. Can you help design our IT strategy / plan ?

  3. Which cloud provider should we use ?

  4. I hate Microsoft can it be in Google ?

  5. Can we reduce our data centre costs ?

  6. We need to refresh our device estate what are our options ?

  7. Can you make sure our cloud infrastructure is compliant ?

  8. I need to know who is using what because my bills are all over the place, can you sort it ?

  9. Users are complaining about slow application / system performance can you help find out why ?

  10. Where do we put our wireless access points ?

  11. CTO wants us to use Teams, How do we integrate Microsoft Teams into our existing system / processes ?

  12. The Shareholders want to know how secure we are, what do I tell them ?

  13. Can you manage our security alerts, we don’t have the resource ?

  14. Which cloud backup vendor should we choose & why ?

  15. You know what we do, where do you think we can use A.I ?

We aim to answer every question our customers ask no matter how simple or complex, remember every question is a good question. We were able to answer some of the questions asked quickly and others took a little time.

If you want to know what solutions we provided to the questions get in touch and we will happily talk you through each one in detail.

Thanks for reading

Daniel Bumby

Managing Director

Simoda Limited

0114 553 3600

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