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Empowering Your Team: The Key to Defeating Cyber Security Threats with Knowbe4's Human Firewall

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Learn more about Knowbe4’s Human Firewall with the trusted cyber security experts at Simoda.

Email has become an indispensable tool for communication, both in our personal lives and for businesses. However, with the convenience of emails comes the ever-evolving danger of cyber threats finding their way into your inbox with little or no warning. The consequences can be detrimental, both to your personal life or to your business, with hackers being able to access any valuable files, data or processes within your company.

So, how can we protect ourselves from cyber security threats sent through emails? A well-informed human firewall is the first line of defence against phishing attacks. Education empowers individuals to spot suspicious emails, recognise deceptive language, and avoid clicking on malicious links or downloading harmful attachments.

With Knowbe4, you’ll be provided with all the expertise, technology and training you need to build up an effective human firewall for your business. To learn more about how we can help, the expert team at Simoda have written this short guide to help you prevent cyber security threats. Simply keep reading to learn more…

What are cyber security threats?

Cybersecurity threats are a wide range of malicious activities and tactics aimed at exploiting vulnerabilities in email systems from the recipients who interact with them. These threats pose significant dangers to individuals and organisations alike, with their clever disguises posing as genuine, often urgent, emails. Typically, these email scams include:

And more.

Email threats get more sophisticated every year. Worrying percentages make it past your secure email gateway (SEG) and into your users’ inboxes while social engineering attacks increasingly target your high-risk users. In fact, the recent data breach report from ArmorBloxx highlighted that 56% of all attacks bypass legacy SEGs.

cyber security threats, email security
email security, cyber security threats

How can I protect myself from email cyber attacks?

KnowBe4 is a cyber security company that stands out for their innovative approach to security, prioritising human factors, community, and ethical values alongside their unique solutions and user-friendly platforms. They prioritise building a security culture within organisations, and emphasise getting things right from the start through working efficiently to develop a human firewall.

For your business, this means that through their services, you’ll be internally protected against email cyber attacks through training, team efficiency and understanding and by ensuring that those within your company make informed decisions on a daily basis.

Great for the individual organisation, but how do you leverage the expertise across the world?

Step in Phish ER Plus, a proactive protection against new and evolving phishing attacks. Knowbe4 calls it the most powerful anti-phishing protection available in the world.

Phish ER plus uses three threat feeds to automatically block phishing attacks before they hit your inbox using:

  1. KnowBe4's global network of 10+ million highly trained KnowBe4 end-users and their PhishER Administrators

  2. PhishML, a unique AI-model trained on phishing emails that all other filters missed.

  3. Human-curated threat intel by KnowBe4’s Threat Research Lab

cyber security, email security tool
how PhishER works for email security

How does PhishER work for email security?

PhishER Plus was developed to work alongside your email security defences, it’s a final layer after your existing email security fails.

PhishER Plus arms you with this final layer of security two ways:

1. Global Blocklist - Blocklist entries of validated threats from 10+ million trained users automatically block matching new incoming messages from your users’ inboxes. This threat feed is managed by KnowBe4 and syncs with your Microsoft 365 mail server.

2. Global PhishRIP - Messages that match an identified phishing threat other PhishER customers have "ripped" from their organization's mailboxes are then validated by the KnowBe4 Threat Research Lab. These messages are automatically quarantined by removing them from all of your users’ inboxes.

The best thing? This is available as a standalone service, you can still gain an advantage from Knowbe4’s army of Human Firewalls. Regardless of where you get your training.

Looking to utilise Knowbe4 for your organisation? Contact Simoda today to learn more

If you’re keen to learn more about how the services of Knowbe4 can help you, contact the expert team at Simoda today. Our joint expertise will enable our team of professionals to source the best solution for your individual needs, all while guaranteeing the best, competitive price for your requirements.


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