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Modern businesses live or die by their ability to meet constantly evolving conditions

In 2017 futurist and entrepreneur Peter Diamandis said

“The only constant is change, and the rate of change is increasing”

What does this mean for you and your organisation ?

Simoda are proud of our partnership with Global leader Avant and want to share their recent State of disruption report which discusses key topics in the digital transformation, innovation & disruption market place.

Simoda, Technology Solutions Director, Lee Wragg said.

“If you look through the marketing and into the data you will see that businesses still have the same challenges which they did a few years ago”
Why should we invest / change ?
What technology should we invest in ?
Who should we work with ?
How will we succeed ?
When will we see results / benefits / return ?

We encourage you to read the report first.

Please find access to the report here

Then get in touch with us and let us help plan your transformation, adoption, innovation, disruption.

0114 553 3600

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