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Our growth plans mean business

The Simoda journey has been very exciting so far but one of the most important things in any businesses journey and especially a young business like Simoda is talent recruitment & development.

In my many years of business I have always put great value on getting the right people on the bus and ultimately sitting them in the right seat. This sounds really easy on paper but a tough task in real life.

Naturally human behaviour goes against change and that is why the fear of change is one of the biggest killers of creativity we know today. To be successful I believe you need to create a culture that drives creativity & teamwork.

Culture is driven from your values, we decided against the standard company values we see around like, hard-work, dedication, customer 1st....... instead we built our business values around key principles we believe in.

  • World-class basics

  • Encourage healthy conflict

  • Question / ask why

  • Always be learning

  • Enjoy your job

Sir Alex Ferguson once said 'You cannot lead by following'

Ok so where am I going with all of this ?

I believe we have a good bus which is fully serviced and has plenty of room on board, The satnav is working and we are pointing in the right direction, the wheels are rolling and we have a queue of people waiting at bus stops.

What is next ?

We will continue to develop and push forward with our plans to build a business that is a magnet for the best talent around and where creativity is welcomed with open arms.

Look out for future announcements such as the exciting commercial technology graduate program.

If you want to learn more about our amazing business then get in touch today.

A proud MD of a fantastic company


0114 553 3600

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