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Post pandemic UK property boom, What does this mean for the business 2 business technology sector ?

Britain are in the midst of a post (almost) pandemic property boom and the government are continuing to support the market with growth initiatives. Those who have managed to save money in the lockdowns are now ready to splash the cash for more space because everyone wants a pub in their own garden.

Recently house prices have risen at the fastest annual rate in nearly 15 years, it is forecasted that prices will rise by around 5%.

What does this mean for the business 2 business technology sector ?

Growth in any sector will drive more investment but growth and strength in the UK property market is a stimulus for confidence.

Growth = investment = confidence = growth = investment = growth....... you know the rest.

Home working is still flavour of the month and will continue to be for lots of industries however more businesses will be moving to the sensible option of the hybrid model, this means the need for office space will reduce significantly over the next few years but the need for technology to enable hybrid working will continue to increase.

Simply put a strong UK housing market supports a strong UK market.

Who is the winner ?

'Technology is always the winner'

Interested in they hybrid working model & how technology can deliver results then get in touch with one of our Modern Workplace solution specialists today.

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