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Quality additions to our technical team

We are happy to announce that due to continued growth we have made 2 new excellent additions to our team.

Matthew Harrold

Matt or Matthew he doesn't mind what you call him !! has joined Simoda as a Senior Technical Consultant on our services team and will be working with our customers and internal teams to help businesses design, architect & deploy technology solutions. Matt brings vast technical experience to our services team including infrastructure, cloud & security.

If you speak to Matt at anytime be sure to ask him about his most embarrassing moment, it is quite brilliant.

You wait ages for one Matt and then two come along at the same time !!!

Matthew Fearn

Matt as he likes to be called has joined Simoda as a Network Consultant on the services team and will be working with our customers and internal teams to help them design, architect & implement secure networks. Matt is a fully qualified data cabler and CCTV installer along with core and edge network specialisms.

As you can see Matt has listed his dream car as a Saxo 1.1 Desire, yes you have read that right. Not sure they make good company vehicles though !!

Making the right recruitment decisions is critical to the success of a business, ensuring they not only fit the job description but also match the culture, failure to do so is like putting petrol in a diesel car, which wouldn't be so much of a problem in a Saxo 1.1 Desire !!

Interested in joining our fantastic journey ?

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