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Reduce your WVD FOCO - Fear Of Cloud Overcharge

Many years ago I used to work in the outbound sales team at Norwich Union. My role was to contact new car owners and provide them with a quotation for car insurance.

Now during that time I learned lots about insurance risk, business process and also a very important lesson, 'less miles driven = cheaper insurance'. Sounds really obvious but the consume more pay more message is still something which businesses struggle to control, especially in the world of cloud.

Why is this an issue ?

When you consume more resources your cloud partner earns more commission from the provider. Ok lets be honest this is exactly how it should be and not something that will change.

However this does pose a potential conflict of interest when looking at ways to help the business reduce / optimise cloud spend.

What is WVD FOCO ?

All public cloud environments are 'elastic' where you can spin up & power down resources on the fly or automatically depending on the architecture. However when businesses adopt a WVD environment and use Azure then FOCO becomes a real issue.

FOCO stands for Fear Of Cloud Overcharge and is a real issue for desktop managers when consuming the public cloud to deliver their service to the business.

How can this be addressed ?

When building our WVD solution stack the first thing we thought about was how do we help reduce FOCO.

Enter Cycloud

Finding a technology that addresses the real world challenges of business while adding value to your own technology stack is a great feeling. We had exactly this with Cycloud.

Who are Cycloud ?

Cycloud provide cloud desktop provisioning & autoscaling solutions and was formed by two very experienced ex-Citrix executives who spent much of their career working Workspace and VDI market. They identified that businesses were making some unpleasant discoveries about the cost of public clouds, partly because they were using the services ‘blindly’ and ‘unknowingly’.

Interested or want to know more ?

Reach out today and we can help reduce your FOCO.

Keep an eye out for Simoda with... Cycloud where we talk directly to the Cycloud leadership team Steve Dawes & Steve Atkinson.


0114 553 3600

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