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Simoda with... Cycloud

So here we are at the glittering premier of Simoda with... Flash bulbs are going crazy, we have just had the obligatory interview with Richard Arnold from GMB and have negotiated the red carpet with style.

First up is a very exciting vendor Cycloud who provide cloud desktop provisioning & autoscaling solutions and was formed by two very experienced ex-Citrix executives who spent much of their career working Workspace and VDI market.

They identified that businesses were making some unpleasant discoveries about the cost of public clouds, partly because they were using the services ‘blindly’ and ‘unknowingly’.

Cycloud was born !

When I was asked which vendor did we want on first Cycloud was top of the list, because the offerings meet each of our value framework criteria.

Im not going to keep you waiting any longer so grab your popcorn, a large drink & a big bag of chocolates (which you need a mortgage for) and buckle in for.

Simoda with... Cycloud

You can also access the Simoda with... content on our YouTube channel & on the Simoda with... dedicated page on our website.

Enjoy and get in touch with us so we can demonstrate how Cycloud and Simoda will save you from FOCO.

0114 553 3600

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