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Simoda with... (what is underneath the marketing)

On a recent call with a leading vendor I asked if they could give us access to personalised content that we can share with our customers which is not a flashy marketing video narrated by someone based out of the US (no offence intended)

The amount of time & potential cost to provide such content made us think 'how can we do this differently, keep it simple & focus on the value / business outcomes'

Simoda with... was born

Okay what is Simoda with... and why should you watch the series ?

Simply put the Simoda with... sessions are recorded video calls with vendors / partners who we think have a good story to tell and fit into our offerings value framework. (Commercial Value, Technical Value, Emotional Value)

We talk about their offerings and ask questions like

  • How do you prove to the CEO that you're offering is budget worthy ?

  • What are the common pitfalls ?

  • How do you prove ROI, TCO ?

Why watch it ?

Like a good Netflix period drama series we have spared no expense in setting up and recording our Simoda with... sessions, well Microsoft Teams & a MacBook Pro, but we all know that Mac's are expensive !

Keep an eye out for the 1st Simoda with... due for release very soon.

If you are a vendor and want to get involved then just reach out and if we think that our customers will get value from your offering then put your best shirt on, do your hair and let's crack on.

Want to know more ?

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