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The cloud infrastructure report 2021

At Simoda we are proud of our strategic partnership with CloudCheckr and are happy to share their latest cloud infrastructure report. The study was conducted by Dimensional Research where over 300 technology decision makers completed the study.

Im not going to spoil the report because I know you can't wait to read every detail but here are a few of the highlights.

Organisations are increasing their overall use of the cloud

  • 57% report more than half of their infrastructure is in the cloud, up from 47% last year

  • Companies that primarily use cloud infrastructure mainly got there by proactive shifting (39%) and opportunistic transitioning (46%)

  • 64% expect they will be fully in the public cloud within five years

  • There continue to be barriers to rapid cloud migration including security concerns (44%), compliance and regulations (42%), lack of application support (41%) and more

Managing cloud costs is an ongoing problem

  • 93% face challenges with budgeting 2021 infrastructure cloud costs

  • 94% have experienced unexpected cloud costs

  • Only 31% report that they monitor and optimise public cloud costs effectively

  • There’s a major disconnect amongst business and IT professionals regarding how well cloud costs are managed

Investments in internal cloud strategies and teams are paying off

  • 59% have a CCoE team, up from 47% in 2017

  • Organisations with a dedicated CCoE team see higher benefits than those where cloud expertise is not organised

  • CCoEs would benefit most from investments in architecture strategy (64%) and better cloud management tools (57%)

  • 98% would benefit from additional technology capabilities

The report has lots more detail on all areas.

You can download the report here

Download • 1.12MB

If you are interested in how we can reduce & optimise your public cloud spend get in touch today.

0114 553 3600

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