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The fast lane of a multi cloud approach

The time has passed when organisations were content with gradually moving data and applications out of costly on-premises data centres and into the cloud. Now, the strategic imperative is to create IT environments that can support emerging technologies such as IoT, edge computing, AI and 5G. It has businesses opening the floodgates to migrate everything to a multi-cloud utopia ASAP.

At first there was a “cloud first” strategy. This was where new applications and workloads were developed in the cloud and legacy applications were slowly migrated over. “Cloud NOW!” is the new mandate where on-premises legacy and mission-critical applications are all subject to migration.

Making the decision to move to the cloud is just the start. It throws up a wealth of questions to address before the project can succeed. Simoda have been helping customers answer those questions in relation to cloud hosting, cloud-based disaster recovery and cloud backup solutions.

We feel It’s about getting your house in order before exposing your cloud infrastructure to the added pressures of multiple clouds or emerging technology.

In our experience, businesses must address six key areas for their multi-cloud ambitions to be successful:

Six factors for successful cloud transition

· Be aware of cloud sprawl and shadow IT

· Find the right fit

· Security & compliance first approach

· Think about the journey not just the end result

· Be proactive about data protection

· Have clarity on cloud visibility & management resources

In summary the sensible thing to do is to make sure you address all the above with a trusted advisor like…………….

You guessed it Simoda

Start the process by dropping me an email today.

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