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The formula for post pandemic success

I was asked recently for my thoughts on how businesses will adapt to the new normal, obviously people have their own opinion on how businesses will succeed in the post pandemic era we are moving into but I think it is a simple formula.

User experience + customer experience mixed with a good heap of company culture.

1, Good User Experience

Most businesses will look at the staff user experience when rolling out a new application or tool, however during the mad rush to enable remote working in the Covid world the simple question of 'how will the users interact with the application' & 'are they happy using it' were often left unasked.

As they say 'a happy user is a productive user'

The question is do your staff have a good experience with the tools they are asked to use ?

If you don't know then I suggest now is the time you ask.

2, Embrace A Modern Organisation Culture

Often culture is an after thought for business leaders, but in todays digital post pandemic world a culture that encourages its staff to have a good work life balance will succeed over the traditional authoritarian model.

What is a good culture ?

That all depends on your business, take Simoda for example, our culture is simple but effective.

  • Encourage healthy conflict

  • Work with a smile

  • Support and care for others

  • Promote continuous improvement

3, First Class Customer Experience

Lots of businesses take care of their customers, but the successful ones pay attention to the customer experience throughout the whole journey within their business.

We are living in a true omni-channel world where everyone has their preferred way of engaging with others, the amount of choice available is frightening.

What is the secret to good customer experience ?

  • Make it simple or easy to engage

  • Use modern tools / services

  • Respond quickly

Or in other words

Simplify Modernise Accelerate

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