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The importance of password security

As part of my apprenticeship I was asked to run my own campaign about data security within our organisation, I chose password security as personal information and data is something we all want to be kept safe. passwords provide the first line of defense against unauthorised access to your computer.

As a technology company we know that keeping information and data protected is important, If a hacker cracks your passwords, they could gain access to your personal information, your social media accounts, bank accounts, emails and other sensitive accounts that hold your data.

Passwords are important. They help your personal accounts stay private and secure but, if you’re guilty of reusing, rotating, or using notoriously easy passwords, you are leaving yourself open to an account breach. Therefore, you should know what makes a strong password so that you can ensure the maximum security for your sensitive information.

Here is a funny password video on the Jimmy Kimmel show

Top 5 tips for good password security!

  • Make your password long

  • Include numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters

  • Avoid using obvious personal information

  • Do NOT reuse passwords

  • Change your passwords on a regular basis

If you want to know more on cyber security, contact one of our team.

0114 553 3600

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