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To cloud or not to cloud, that is the question

When we talk to business leaders and I.T teams about the journey of their applications to cloud we are seeing a very interesting pattern occur.

There is still lots of confusion around the cloud journey. Public, Private or Hybrid most businesses still don't fully understand the implications of each decision.

The key to success is by finding the optimal position for the application and not to seek perfection, in basic terms consider the the workload by using the following factors.

  • Minimum performance requirements

  • CPU

  • Memory

  • Storage

  • Mobility requirements

  • Business continuity

  • Security & compliance

It is vitally important to take advantage of the data you can extract from one of the modern application analysis tools available in order to aid that decision process.

We also see that different roles in the process drive different requirements (obviously) for example the finance team see a great benefit in the adoption of as a service architecture because of the preservation of cash mandate. However we are seeing most public cloud environments go over budget by up to 40% and this is usually discovered after the deployment.

The on premise over provisioning dilemma

Most applications and services that are deployed on premises are over provisioned by up to 50% to ensure application availability, performance & longevity. When it comes to moving to the cloud we all know that the beauty of public cloud is the elastic nature of resources available.

However this can also be a hinderance.

How do we address the different issues we encounter ?

Regardless of the platform our customers are looking for I.T capacity as a service, Public, Private & most common in todays market; Hybrid.

Why Hybrid ?

We feel that the hybrid approach helps ensure the 3 C's are addressed.

  1. Cost

  2. Compliance

  3. Control

We also see many customers unable to move every application or service to the public cloud due to many valid reasons but the most common factor is compliance and governance.

The answer ?

Bring the cloud experience to your own data centre and consume your I.T capacity requirements as a service by adopting HPE GreenLake.

What is HPE GreenLake ?

HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience to apps and data everywhere, enabling you to adopt transformative technology faster and simplify your operations.

HPE GreenLake delivers public cloud services and infrastructure as-a-service for your workloads – on premises, fully managed in a pay-per-use model at the edge, in colocations, and in your data centre.

Adopting GreenLake you get access to HPE GreenLake Central, the new intuitive software platform, you can now rapidly deploy services, gain cost and compliance insights, and simplify management across your entire hybrid estate.

Free up business users and developers from the traditional wait times with a self-service software platform for the services they need for all their business needs.

HPE GreenLake brings the modern cloud experience to you, everywhere you need it, all managed for you as-a-service by HPE.

Benefits ?

  • Metering analysis provide data, driving cross charge analysis

  • Capacity planning and application / service cost modelling to ensure your applications sit on the best platform

  • Budget / spend limits ensure accurate cost management

  • Management console provides full view of public cloud costs

  • Ensure compliance by checking architecture v's best practice frameworks

  • HPE management team included who will review infrastructure and help manage the consumption

What next ?

Let us help you take advantage of the I.T capacity on demand solution that is HPE GreenLake.

0114 553 3600

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