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Customer success going from strength to strength

On the back of our fantastic additions to the technical team we have some more great news. As I discussed in the Our growth plans mean business blog post getting the right people on the bus is one of the most important tasks in any businesses journey.

Our 3 new recruits definitely are the right people for our bus !!

Technology 1st strategy

Unlike our competitors we don’t have a traditional sales approach, we have a team of experienced and skilled technology experts (commercial & technical) who work together to help our customers.

Because of this we don’t operate a traditional sales structure where you would see a salesperson targeted to earn the business profit from sales to customers, instead we provide healthy basic salaries and a companywide profit share scheme.

This ensures our first focus is on finding & delivering the right technology to solve issues, address challenges and achieve business objectives.

Our new recruits fit this model perfectly they are part of our customer success team and will be working with our customers & prospects to demonstrate the value of Simoda which will help them solve issues, address challenges & achieve objectives through technology.

Christian Colton

Having worked with Christian for many years I am very happy he has decided to pursue his technology career with Simoda. With over 20 years experience in the IT industry Christian knows exactly how important technology is to business leaders and is looking forward to working with our customers and helping them achieve results.

Jordan Clarke

Jordan joins us with years of hardware & software sales experience behind him and I am so happy that he has decided to progress his career at Simoda, his skills will help support our customers on their journey towards everything as a service.

Josh Jones

Josh or 'The Machine' as we call him is the 3rd new recruit to the customer success team and I am very happy Josh has put his trust in Simoda to help him develop his career in technology. With a thirst for knowledge and an eye for technology Josh is a great addition to our fantastic team.

Really happy with our new growing team, keep your eyes peeled as more news will follow soon.

If you are interested in joining our fantastic company then get in touch today.

0114 553 3600


A proud MD of a fantastic company

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