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Simoda 2023: A Year of Growth and Innovation, What's Next for 2024?

~ Blog written by Daniel Bumby, MD of Simoda.

As the Managing Director of Simoda, I am thrilled to share with you our incredible journey in 2023 and give you a glimpse of the exciting developments we have lined up for 2024.

Simoda team meeting with TD Synnex and HPE
Simoda with our partners, TD Synnex and HPE

2023 A Remarkable Year of Growth and Innovation


2023 was a landmark year for us at Simoda. We achieved a significant milestone by smashing our revenue forecasts and doubling our staff levels. This growth not only signifies our expanding footprint in the technology industry but also underscores our commitment to creating job opportunities and nurturing talent.


Awards Awards Awards 

While receiving praise for your business is fantastic receiving a awards for your performance has an amazing feel to it. In  2023 we had the pleasure of receiving 4 awards. 2 x Growth Awards 1 x Best Overall Business Award in the Steel City Action Coach awards and we topped it off with the Best Technology Business Award in the unLTD business awards. Receiving awards is very special to us as we continue to see positive growth and innovation, as we continue to drive more recognition.


Launching Simoda Cloud


A pivotal achievement of 2023 was the launch of our very own Simoda Cloud service. This endeavour represents our dedication to offering cutting-edge and scalable cloud solutions to our clients. The Simoda Cloud service has been designed to provide businesses with the flexibility, security, and efficiency they need while helping them reduce their public cloud spend by up to 50%.

Investment in Communications Specialism


In November Jon Carr joined us as Head of Communications Solutions to help us build and drive our solution and service offerings in the communications area. Understanding the market will help us to enhance our customers communications strategies and help add real value to their business.

Jon Carr
Jon Carr, Communications / Connectivity Specialist
Enhancing IT Support


Another significant stride we made was the launch of our new IT support framework. Tailored to elevate the level of support we offer, this framework is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We've designed it to help our customers achieve a higher level of support, ensuring their tech needs are met promptly and efficiently.


Exciting Plans for 2024


Looking ahead to 2024, we are poised to build on this foundation with several thrilling developments:


Further Development of Our A.I Strategy


We plan to delve deeper into the realm of Artificial Intelligence. Our focus will be on harnessing A.I's potential to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation for both our customers and ourselves, I have to say this is a very exciting time and having been on the A.I journey for a while our Head of Data Intelligence Tim Latham is positive for a fantastic and very busy 2024.


Launch of Our Sustainability Plan


It is really important to recognise our responsibility towards the planet, we are excited to launch our comprehensive sustainability plan. This initiative will reflect our commitment to eco-friendly practices and contribute to a greener future, we are also dedicated to help our customers drive towards their net-zero ambitions.


Commitment to Quality


We are dedicated to achieving various quality accreditations in 2024. This effort is geared towards demonstrating our adherence to the highest standards in service delivery and organisational excellence.


Things to keep an eye on in 2024


VMware acquisition by Broadcom


Broadcom completed its acquisition of VMware in November 2023, in a deal valued at $69 billion. While there isnt a clear understanding of their plan we are seeing lots of customers asking about potential alternatives, which I find very interesting. We are still to see what they plan to do with the Horizon platform but early indications are that they will no longer continue this technology.

Microsoft Copilot


As Gen A.I continues to affect all our lives Microsoft Copiliot will accelerate the adoption of A.I for everyone so long as they use Microsoft that is. As I discuss in the plans for 2024 above we are investing heavlity in helping our customers take advantage of the benefits of A.I, this includes Copilot where we see 4 key areas of advantage.


  • Streamlining document creation

  • Data analysis and reporting

  • Enhanced team collaboration

  • Automating repetitive tasks

Here's a Microsoft Video you can watch to understand the basics:


Continued growth of Cyber threats


Every year it becomes easier for cyber criminals to access the tools they need to cause mayhem in businesses, our customers are investing in products and solutions to help them address the threats, I don’t see a time in the future where cyber threats are reduced but we are doing everything we can to help them address challenges every day. Our Cyber Specialist, Bryn Hawkins is delivering a series of webinars starting with this one to support businesses with their cyber understanding and defences:



In conclusion, 2023 was a year of remarkable achievements, and 2024 promises to be even more exciting. At Simoda, we remain dedicated to helping business leaders and IT teams solve issues, address challenges and achieve objectives through simple, modern and effective technology products solutions and services.


A proud MD of a fantastic company!



Daniel Bumby, Managing Director of Simoda

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