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Tintri partnership just makes sense

In order to provide our customers with simple, modern technology solutions we have engaged with intelligent infrastructure vendor Tintri to support our infrastructure products, solutions & services portfolio.

Why Tintri ?

The real value with Tintri is in the architecture of the storage. From the very start it has been built for virtualisation, the founder was employee number 14 at VMware so you can understand the tie in with virtualisation is very strong.

Tintri provides a high performance, self managing storage architecture which includes predictive analytics in order to simplify the management of future application or service delivery.

Tintri talk about intelligent infrastructure, what does this mean ?

No more bottlenecks

  • Consistent performance guaranteed for every virtual machine

  • Spikes are handled automatically, with zero impact on your other production workloads

Free up expensive engineering time

  • Instant visibility end-to-end for every virtual machine

  • Hours or days spent diagnosing performance problems becomes seconds

Storage that acts like a private cloud

  • Deploy or scale in minutes

  • Eliminate common storage administration tasks –no LUNs or Shares

Tintri Analytics

  • See trends, and plan future projects with confidence

Tintri Analytics home page

Tintri Analytics is a cloud-based predictive analytics tool that enables you to get visibility into every app right now, so you can troubleshoot in seconds. Plus, Machine Learning algorithms model every storage and compute need for up to 18 months into the future, based on your apps’ behavior.

Troubleshoot latency in seconds. Just open the Tintri Analytics UI, scroll over the app, and see latency across host, network, and storage.

Provision what you need when you need it. Tintri Analytics leverages your historical metadata to predict your future capacity, performance, working set, and compute needs.

Tintri Analytics breaks down the behavior of SQL Server databases already residing on VMstore, then helps you complete what-if analysis for future deployments.

Seamless scaling

The beauty with the public cloud is the ability to scale from small to very very large, if you have the budget for it. With Tintri VMstore you have the ability to scale your storage infrastructure to a whopping 40+PB & a mega 480,000 VM's.

Who does it fit for ?

Tintri is a good fit for commercial & enterprise businesses but they have a really good value proposition for public sector organisations (NHS, Universities & Local gov)

The sweet spots for Tintri are in the highly virtualised environments (VMware or Hyper-V) where you want to manage your VM's rather than having to manage your storage architecture.

Highly Virtualised Environments

100+ VMs / 500+ desktops


Spin Up / Down 1000+ VMs a day

VDI –Virtual Desktop

Storage is ALWAYS the bottleneck, Tintri delivers performance & Low Latency

Private Cloud

Internal Architecture for Private cloud

SQL environments

Granular management at the DB / file level

Multi-Hypervisor Environments

VMware | vSphere

Microsoft | Hyper-V

Openstack/ Redhat

Citrix | Xensever

Requirement -High Capacity & Performance

100x lower latency than competitors

What next ?

If you think that Tintri could be the answer to the challenges you are facing then we have a wide range of next steps available.


In conjunction with the technical specialists at Tintri we can run you through a demo of solution.

Proof of concept

After a demo we will gladly arrange a POC to demonstrate the value and ROI

Step one is talk to us !!!

Thanks for reading and here's to a fantastic relationship

Lee Wragg

Technology Solutions Director

0114 553 3600

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